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The World of Tiers series

Kickaha !

Farmer began his saga in 1969 and wrote the last volume in 1993. It is made of seven books :

- The Maker of Universe ;
- The gates of creation ;
- A private cosmos ;
- Behind the walls of Terra ;
- The Lavalite world ;
- More than fire ;
- Red Orc's rage.

The series deals with a lot of Farmer's fetished topics : immortality, religion, linguistic, high technology, strange creatures... It tends to show how access to a great power (by the means of high technology, in this case) can lead man to downfall, even though this downfall is especially psychological (arrogance, jealousy, cruelty, paranoia and total absence of compassion or love feelings).
The main heroes of the series are Robert Wolff and Kickaha.
The first two books feature Robert Wolff, a man with a strange past. Found alone in Kentucky at age 20, totally amnesiac, he was adopted by the Wolff. Many decades later, at the beginning of The Maker of Universe, Wolff discovers by accident what seems to be a "gate" to another universe. Fascinated, he crosses through it and finds an incredible world. Its inhabitants are all young, aged physiologically 25, thanks to the water they drink, as Wolff gets to discover. Robert Wolff himself becomes young again after a few weeks. But this isn't the only strange feature of the place. Its geography and physical laws are unique : the world is made of several circular tiers, shaped like a terraced tower of Babylon. Each tier has its own ecology and population : dryads, sirens, fauns and other greek mythological creatures live on Okeanos, the first tier ; Amerindians and centaurs inhabit the second tier, Amerind Tier ; Teutonic knights live on Dracheland, third tier ; Atlants are found on the fourth tier, Atlantis. Last but not least, the Lord of this "pocket universe" rules from his palace on the fifth and last tier. Asking to the people he meets, Wolff learns that the "Lord" created this world and its creatures with extraordinary means that Wolff believes to be scientific and not supernatural. Apparently chased by the Lord of the World of Tiers, who sends him his thugs (the horrible gworls), Wolff fulfills an odissey to reach the palace. His fortune fellow is Kickaha, another Earthman arrived there by accident, who enjoys his life on the World of Tiers much more than on Earth.
Wolff and Kickaha meet a lot of people and exotic creatures (strange animals, fantasy creatures such as Podarge the Harpy, giant intelligent green eagles, centaurs, ...) before arriving to the Palace. Wolff realizes, after an emotional shock, that he is Jadawin, the original one and only Lord of the World of Tiers. The other Lord, who currently lives in the palace and claims to be the maker of this universe, is actually a usurper. After the second volume, the hero is Kickaha, who lives incredible and particularly dangerous adventures, switching from a universe to another one, avoiding and tricking Thoans (other name for Lords), fighting Black Bellers ("brain stealing" machines created by the original Lords) and defying Red Orc, most powerful and dangerous Thoan of all, and Lord of Earth !
Troughout the seven books, Farmer judiciously gives information about Thoans, bit by bit. Here is what the reader can get to learn eventually.